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8/21/2018 12:00:00 AM EASTERN
Updated: 8/23/2018 8:26:09 AM EASTERN
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Mary Rutan Foundation awards $41,900 in medical scholarships and loans to local students

Bellefontaine, OH –Twenty-nine Logan County residents pursuing a degree in the medical field were recently awarded medical scholarships and loans by Mary Rutan Foundation.  

With a strong commitment to its Medical Scholarship and Loan Program, Mary Rutan Foundation awarded $41,900 to area students this academic school year.  Since 1992, this amount brings the total awarded to Logan County residents to just over $1.7 Million.

“Mary Rutan Foundation is committed to the health and wellness of this community.  In addition to the numerous community health and wellness programs and services funded annually by the Foundation, we believe it is important to maintain our medical scholarship program”, says Tammy Allison, foundation chief operating officer.   “There is currently a shortage of health care professionals in the United States and in our community; many times the cost of education is the barrier.  We understand the importance of investing in the future of individuals pursuing careers in the medical field.  We look at this program as an investment in the future of health care at Mary Rutan Hospital and the communities we serve”, says Mrs. Allison.

The 2018/2019 Mary Rutan Foundation Scholarship and Loan Recipients include:

The Beach Medical Education Fund

Jessica Miller                                       Bachelor’s Degree Registered Nurse

Kylie Stout                                             Bachelor’s Degree Registered Nurse

Zelma Nina Hertenstein Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund

Sarah Kincaid                                      Associate’s Degree Registered Nurse

Dr. Joseph C. & Florence C. Longfellow Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ashley Allison                                       Associate’s Degree Registered Nurse

Karli Daniels                                         Bachelor’s Degree Registered Nurse

Christie Dunn                                       Bachelor’s Degree Registered Nurse

Cora Eirich                                            Bachelor’s Degree Registered Nurse

Rachel Leach                                       Bachelor’s Degree Registered Nurse

Hailey Lockwood                                 Bachelor’s Degree Registered Nurse

Jessica Miller                                       Bachelor’s Degree Registered Nurse

Jessica Rutan                                      Bachelor’s Degree Registered Nurse

Ashley Rabenstein                              Bachelor’s Degree Registered Nurse

Brooke Richard                                    Bachelor’s Degree Registered Nurse

Jessica Rutan                                      Bachelor’s Degree Registered Nurse

Kierstyn Severt                                     Bachelor’s Degree Registered Nurse

Aubrey Short                                         Bachelor’s Degree Registered Nurse

Aubrey Stephens                                 Associates Degree Registered Nurse

Kylie Stout                                             Bachelor’s Degree Registered Nurse

Charlotte L. and Norman R. Miller Memorial Medical Scholarship Fund

Georgia Cooper                                  Bachelor’s Degree Health Services Administration

Megan Dyer                                          Doctorate of Pharmacy     

Ashton Faler                                        Doctorate of Pharmacy

Tyler Frantz                                           Doctorate of Pharmacy

Violet Martin                                         Doctorate of Pharmacy

Jada Orahood                                     Bachelor’s Degree Nutrition & Dietetics

Tatum Reprogle                                  Doctorate of Pharmacy

Carley Strazalka                                  Doctorate of Pharmacy

Kathleen Vetorino                               Doctorate of Pharmacy

James F. Milroy Fund                                                                                           

Megan Bingaman                               Master’s Degree Food & Nutrition

Ewing H. Crawfis Memorial Employee Scholarship Fund

Stephani Stallard                                Associate’s Degree Registered Nurse

Marilyn A. Carnes Nursing Scholarship Fund

Ashley Allison                                      Associate’s Degree Registered Nurse

Grace K. Orr/Dr. Edwin Pratt Memorial Medical Scholarship Fund

Andrea Young                                      Master’s Degree Psychiatric Mental Health

Marjorie Rothlar Memorial Medical Scholarship Fund

Hailey Lockwood                                Bachelor’s Degree Registered Nurse

Rita Riedmiller Memorial Scholarship Fund 

Brianna Bowers                                  Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Walter and Janet Sack Medical Memorial Fund

Megan Dyer                                          Doctorate of Pharmacy

Dwight Spencer Medical Scholarship Fund

Avery Braun                                          Bachelor’s Degree Registered Nurse

Mary Rutan Foundation Medical Student Loan Fund

Brianna Bowers                                   Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

These scholarships are made possible through the generous support of individual contributions, bequests and memorial donations to Mary Rutan Foundation’s general and named scholarship funds. 

In addition to Mary Rutan Foundation’s annual Medical Scholarship and Loan Program, the Foundation offers scholarships for Logan County residents wishing to obtain their certification to become a state test nursing assistant, EMT or paramedic.  For further information about Mary Rutan Foundation’s scholarship programs or how you may make a financial contribution, visit the website or contact Mary Rutan Foundation at (937) 599-7003.

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