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12/14/2018 12:00:00 AM EASTERN
Updated: 12/14/2018 1:26:24 PM EASTERN
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Logan County – Nine area agencies and schools received grants from Mary Rutan Foundation totaling nearly $50,000 to assist in the funding of programs and services to improve the health and wellness of Logan County.  Addressing the needs of our community as identified in the 2018 Logan County Community Needs Assessment (CHA), funding from the Foundation targets at-risk areas identified. Those areas include nutrition, healthier food and beverage choices, physical activity and mental health.

“Based on the findings of the needs assessment, obesity continues to rise and be a concern in Logan County. It was not only identified in the 2018 needs assessment, but also the 2015 and 2012 assessments. This condition significantly increases the risk of several diseases and health conditions. Another area of concern for our community is mental health. It’s beginning to plague all generations; from school-aged children to senior citizens within all socio-economic backgrounds. Providing needed programs and services to nurture a healthy lifestyle and address these areas of concern, our organization and team of health care professionals are committed to the well-being of residents of Logan County,” states Tammy Allison, chief operating officer of the Mary Rutan Foundation.

Twenty-two area organizations submitted applications totaling $175,657.51 in grant requests. Preference was given to projects that demonstrate impact on one or more priority areas, focused on populations identified as at-risk areas of Logan County, serve a sufficient number of people in Logan County, family and/or caregiver involvement, school based implementation, and those that develop innovative collaborations with other community organizations or agencies.

Of the applications submitted, nine grants were awarded totaling $49,765.48. Recipients and programs include:

Bellefontaine Elementary - Fostering a Growth Mindset & Focused Awareness                              $  1,025.48

Benjamin Logan Schools - Growing Gardens, Growing Minds – Towards a Healthy Future           $10,000.00

Bridges Community Action Partnership - Getting Ahead in Logan County                                      $  2,500.00

Consolidated Care - SOAR – Survivors Outside Achieving Recreation                                            $  7,000.00

GRACE – Greater Riverside Area Community Encouragement - Pirate Power Pack Program        $  9,000.00

Bellefontaine Cultural Arts Commission – LoCo Art  Public Mural Project                                     $  2,500.00

Logan County DD Foundation - Come Play at the Peak, Inclusive Parks project                             $10,000.00

Riverside Local Schools - Mental Health First Aid for Youth                                                           $  2,718.00

Village of Huntsville - Replace Playground Equipment (Fitness Cluster)                                         $  5,022.00

“The Mary Rutan Foundation is honored to partner and support these schools and agencies committed to the same priority areas,” states Mrs. Allison. “We believe that we can be most effective and have the greatest impact through community collaborations.”

This year marks the 5th year that Mary Rutan Foundation has administered its Community Health & Wellness Grant Program. Since then, $233,436.00 has been invested in community health and wellness initiatives through grants awarded to 48 recipients. Several of these programs continue to thrive in our community, sustained through new partnerships and funding sources.

For further information regarding Mary Rutan Foundation, health and wellness initiatives in Logan County or to contribute to the Foundation, please call (937) 599-7003 or email

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