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12/16/2016 12:00:00 AM EASTERN
Updated: 12/16/2016 4:16:27 PM EASTERN
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$50,000 Awarded For Community Health and Wellness

Logan County - Ten area agencies and schools received grants from Mary Rutan Foundation totaling nearly $50,000 to assist in the funding of programs and services to bolster a healthier Logan County.

The focus of the grant program is to foster overall community participation in the promotion of a healthier Logan County.  Funding for the program targets at-risk areas identified through the findings of the 2015 Logan County Health Risk and Community Needs Assessment. Those areas include nutrition, healthier food and beverage choices, physical activity and opiate and heroin abuse.

“Our organization and team of health care professionals are committed to the health, wellness and wellbeing of the residents of Logan County.  Promoting healthy lifestyles and providing services and resources to do so is important us”, states Tammy Allison, Mary Rutan Foundation chief operating officer.

Sixteen applications were received totaling nearly $113,000 in requests.  Preference was given to programs and services that addressed more than one priority area, those focused on at-risk areas of Logan County, serving a sufficient number of persons in the county, family and/or caregiver involvement, school based implementation and those that developed innovative partnerships with other local community organization or agencies.

Ten recipients were selected, awarding grants totaling $49,998.   Recipients and programs include:

Benjamin Logan Elementary Schools                 Raider Fitness Club                                    $  7,100

Logan County Community C.O.R.E                     Opiate & Heroin Relief Efforts                  $  5,500

Consolidated Care                                                   Healing Journey                                          $  5,000

Jefferson Township                                                  Playground                                                  $  5,000

LoCo Art                                                                     Youth Art Program                                    $  3,500

Logan County Farmers Market                             Power of Produce                                       $  8,000

Logan County Sheriff’s Department                    JDC Opiate Prevention Program             $  6,500

Lutheran Community Services                            Baked NOT Fried                                         $  4,398

Village of West Mansfield                                      Exercise Station                                           $  2,500

West Liberty-Salem Schools                                 Drug Free Initiative                                    $  2,500

“Mary Rutan Foundation is proud to partner, not only through our financial investment but through awareness, education and targeted programs and services with our area schools and agencies in pursuit of a healthier Logan County, states Mrs. Allison.  We believe that we can be most successful and have the greatest impact through a collaborative community effort.”

This is the third year for the Mary Rutan Foundation Community Health and Wellness Grant program.  Since its inception, nearly $150,000 has been awarded.  Numerous programs and services continue in the community, sustained through new collaborating partnership and additional funding sources.

For further information regarding Mary Rutan Foundation, health and wellness initiatives in Logan County or to contribute to the Foundation, please call (937) 599-7003 or email

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