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2/8/2016 12:00:00 AM EASTERN
Updated: 2/9/2016 2:28:31 PM EASTERN
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Mary Rutan Hospital Earns Top State Quality Rankings

Bellefontaine, Ohio (February 08, 2016) – Mary Rutan Hospital has achieved a top eight state ranking for achieving one of the highest Value-Based Purchasing scores, this performance ranking places them in the top 7% of all qualifying hospitals in the state of Ohio.

“I am very proud of the work our team does every day to make Mary Rutan an excellent hospital,” stated Mandy Goble, president and CEO, Mary Rutan Hospital. “To be able to achieve these results and to be recognized at this level demonstrates the skills, dedication to quality and hard work of our entire staff.”

Mary Rutan Hospital’s Total Performance Score for the Value-Based Program (VBP) focuses on four main areas: clinical process of care, financial efficiency, patient experience and outcomes. Medicare uses VBP to reward hospitals for improving quality of care, reimbursing a higher percentage of Medicare payments to those hospitals that perform well on these measures and penalizing those hospitals which don’t.

The rankings are compiled by Hospital Compare, an organization created through the efforts of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), in collaboration with groups representing consumers, hospitals, doctors, employers, accrediting organizations and other federal agencies, with more than 3,000 hospitals across the country participating.

Specifically, (VBP) seeks to encourage hospitals to improve the quality and safety of care that Medicare beneficiaries and all patients receive during acute-care inpatient stays by:

  • Adopting evidence-based care standards and protocols that result in best outcomes for the most patients.
  • Eliminating or reducing the occurrence of adverse events (healthcare errors resulting in patient harm).
  • Re-engineering hospital processes that improve patients’ experience of care.

Mary Rutan Hospital is the top ranking hospital in Logan and the surrounding five counties. Details can be viewed at

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